Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

This is a protocol for encrypting information over the internet

SSL and ConnectWise

  1. SSL is a requirement on all installations of ConnectWise
    • is needed for CW Network
    • is needed for any of the CW API integrations
  2. Wild card certificates are not supported
    • example of a wild card certificate is *
  3. Self-singed certificates are not supported
    • This is where the generate a certificate from the CW server itself. This is not good as only the CW server would recognize this as a valid certificate.

Where to Get a SSL Certificate

We do not give recommendations on vendors. We remain vendor neutral at all times. We can however give them names of some of the SSL vendors our partners have used:

  • Go Daddy
  • Rapid SSL
  • Thawte
  • Verisign

These are some of the most common ones we have seen. Many will already have a SSL vendor they already use and this fine as long they follow the requirements as listed above.

Installing SSL

The partner is responsible for installing the certificate on the CW server prior to installation. We do have older partners who never installed SSL on the CW server (was not always a requirement).

We do not install certificates for partners, their internal engineers should handle this for them. If they need help you can give them this link:

Enabling SSL in ConnectWise

To start using SSL in ConnectWise, the partner must:

  1. Install the SSL Certificate in IIS and bind it to the PSA website.
  2. In ConnectWise > Setup > My Company > Owner Tab > Other Miscellaneous Setup Options section, select the check box for Using SSL.