Get-Set-Up-2The ConnectWise API team is pleased to announce the launch of a new .NET SDK.  The SDK is currently in beta and only for use with ConnectWise versions 2013.3 and higher.  Please post feedback and questions to the SDK Developer Forum.
  • Select your ConnectWise version
  • Download the .zip file
  • Review the READ ME document included
  • For questions about methods, classes and available fields, refer to the ConnectWiseDotNetDocumentation Help file
  • Send feedback to the SDK Developer Forum
Select ConnectWise Version

2014.6 Version Information

  • Added TaskItems to ServiceTicket class

2014.5 Version Information

  • No more dependency on Newtonsoft.Json

2014.4 Version Information

  • Added SchedulingApi
  • Cookie is now a requirement

2014.3 Version Information

  • Fixed Find-Methods conditions parameter to accept single quotes

2013.3 Version Information


  • Added overload constructors with Credentials object and cookie parameter.
  • Upon requests, namespace was changed to ConnectWiseSDK (no more version)


  • Fixed DateTime use conditions for Find methods


  • Fix the type of type in Find Count methods
  • Remove FindCompanies in ContactApi class (method is deprecated in Apis)
  • Fixed issue with ContactApi when using 2013.3 SDK with 2013.4 codebase
  • Fixed error when using Address.StreetLines


  • Rename ServiceTicketApi.UpdateTicketNote to AddOrUpdateTicketNote
  • ManagedDeviceApi.UpdateManagementSolution:  id, defaultAgreementId, deviceTypes are not required

2013.4 Version information

  • Added OpportunityConversionApi to the SDK